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True, nasty, filthy scat and piss porn is genuinely hard to find online. Mainstream girls have little interest in playing with their shit, for instance, but there’s still a massive demand for it. That’s where Yezz Clips comes in. As a customer you purchase individual clips of the nastiest fetish action you’ve ever seen. Mistress Anna’s store, for instance, is filled to the brim with shit eating porn videos where she feeds her masked submissives her bowel movements in a variety of ways. It’s stunning that guys are willing to sit under her asshole and open their mouths to eat her scat directly, but she doesn’t seem to have any trouble finding men willing to do it.

There are nearly 3,000 piss fetish videos at Yezz Clips. They come in all shapes and sizes, too. You have ladies struggling to hold it in before they piss their pants. There are pissing in mouths and pee swallowing videos. There are hidden cam piss videos. There are POV scenes where the girl urinates right in your mouth.

Yezz Clips goes far beyond videos of ladies pooping and peeing. There’s a long list of categories you can find movies in and they’re all of the deep, dirty fetish variety. Almost everything I came across is the kind of porn you can’t find on a mainstream pay site because it takes individual, amateur creators to go deep enough into these dark fetishes. It’s truly an amazing site, but it will get very expensive if you buy tons of videos.

Review Pros

  • Best scat videos online
  • 3
  • 000 piss videos
  • Other fetishes

Review Cons

  • Can be expensive
  • Some fetishes limited

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