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More than most other porn tube sites, xHamster is built on the contributions of its users and it always has been. There are a few areas where the site is exceptional, such as their collection of cuckold porn, which is bigger and better than any site I’ve ever visited. The same goes for their ethnic porn (Arab, Asian, African, etc), amateur milf sex, archived webcam shows, and so much more. It’s an amateur paradise, and thanks to the new design that’s currently in beta the site is actually pleasant to use.

For a long time xHamster used a simple design that featured an exceedingly small video player. You could go fullscreen, of course, but some videos look terrible at that high a resolution and it’s a little bit annoying too. Their new design is in line with modern tube porn standards and makes watching their videos so much more pleasurable. If you visit the site, make sure you select the option to check out the beta version of the design.

More than 3,000 free porn videos are added to the site every day, ensuring that you literally can’t watch everything they have to offer. If you’re keen on pro porn, they have that too. They’ve developed an advertiser friendly system that lets sponsors upload videos and earn money from signups and views. Plus, they’ve apparently developed technology that prevents people from uploading someone else’s copyrighted content. Ultimately, xHamster has something for everyone, though it’s the place to be if you’re into amateur porn over everything else because their collection is unparalleled.

Review Pros

  • Tons of amateur porn
  • New modern design
  • 3
  • 000 videos a day

Review Cons

  • Promoted videos
  • Needs a tags list