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Here’s something I didn’t know: Xtube was the first adult tube site ever launched. They’ve since been surpassed in popularity, but they were at the vanguard of a movement that has completely changed the way internet porn works. How about that? From the start they were focused on helping amateur pornographers make money off their work, which is why you’ve always been able to sell your videos on XTube. That’s one of the drawbacks of the site though, as sometimes you click a video thinking you’re going to watch something for free, only to have it be a short preview that’s available without charge.

Not surprisingly, this is a great destination for homemade porn. In addition to the people that make smut for pay you have lots of guys and girls uploading their at home fun because they want to share it. You get everything from amateur pornstars (like Nikki Nevada, who has uploaded more than 380 videos) to couples that share a few videos. It’s also a great place to take a deep dive into the kinks that so many guys and girls are into. I watched a wild video of a wife anally fisting her husband out on the deck of their hotel room! The sheer volume of content is breathtaking and there’s genuinely something for everyone, no matter how deep your kinks go. It’s also worth mentioning there’s a great deal of amateur gay content on Xtube; more than I’ve seen on any other site.

Review Pros

  • Great homemade porn
  • Tons of daily updates
  • Lots of kink porn

Review Cons

  • Some paid videos
  • High volume of ads