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Now that cloud file storage has become such big business it’s up to sites like Uploaded to evolve or get left behind. That’s why they’ve undergone a redesign, developed new products, and are competing hard to be the cloud storage solution that you need. Visit the site and you’ll see a super clean, simple design that offers you the chance to sign up or get more information and not much else. I like it.

As with any file host, Uploaded offers free and premium versions. They don’t really make clear the limitations of the free accounts, but you can assume that you get less storage, your download speeds are severely limited, and your files don’t stick around for as long as they do for a premium account holder. They do mention you can collect points and upgrade your account with them, though it’s not clear how you’re supposed to do that.

Premium is where the action is, of course, and it’s actually a pretty good deal. A month costs $12.99 at the most and if you sign up for multiple months you get fairly deep discounts. They also include points with your premium membership, and I assume they can be used to extend your membership without having to pay. Premium membership also includes uDrive, a cloud storage service that you can drop files into for storage for as long as you’re a member (they have a 2GB file size limit).

Review Pros

  • Fast DL speeds
  • Cheap membership
  • uDrive storage

Review Cons

  • Limited info
  • Many ads on free version