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And now for something completely different: An entire amateur site dedicated to stuffers and gainers. What is that, you ask? Stuffers are, as the name implies, girls that stuff their pretty faces with yummy food and take pictures/videos of it. The stuffers generally eat so much that their bellies look stuffed and then document it all. Gainers are basically the same thing, only they do it over a long period of time and document their weight gain. This is a thriving fetish – the site receives more than 350,000 unique visitors a month and uses an astounding 150 terabytes of bandwidth – and StufferDB is unquestionably the best place online to get your fix.

The design is a little messy, but that’s because the site is a work of passion by the founder. He wanted to create a place where you could enjoy your stuffing fetish without having to pay through the nose and he’s accomplished that, without question. It’s a great place to enjoy amateur BBW porn too as there are tons of amazing pics of big girls. There are tens of thousands of pictures and videos to peruse with almost everything regarding this niche covered. You can see YouTube girls eat food until their bellies get distended, check out BBW selfies, and interact with girls and other members through the community features. You’re not going to find a better stuffer fetish site online.

Review Pros

  • Lots of stuffer content
  • Free
  • Daily updates

Review Cons

  • Messy design
  • Quality varies

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