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Sex Gangsters

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If you’ve ever wondered about the popularity of videogame-themed porn you need only take a look at the Patreon page for Sex Gangsters to understand that there are lots of people into this sort of thing. So far they’ve got nearly 4,000 supporters donating just over $31,000/month because this company creates high quality animated porn movies featuring popular video game characters. You don’t even have to be a Patron to download them, either. Patrons get early access to the movies, but eventually they put everything up on a torrent site so you can grab it and enjoy.

Do you remember the lovely Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite? Sex Gangsters does and they’ve crafted a series of three short films where she gets exceptionally naughty. You can experience her giving you oral pleasure, enjoying a man in her bed, and more. Lara Croft gets busy in a movie, as do countless other heroines from famous videogames. The team spends more than 2,000 hours on each movie and they’re fully scripted and voice acted.

It’s not as if they’re tricking people into giving them money on Patreon. These videogame porn movies are stunning accomplishments. They’re gorgeous, they’re exceptionally sexy, and the production values are off the charts. The voice acting is good and hugely erotic, the stories are genuinely compelling, and the animation is hot. Since the videos are free I recommend you check them out immediately.

Review Pros

  • Hot videogame porn
  • High production values
  • Free videos

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  • Nothing!