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Red Tube

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It only took two and a half years for RedTube to secure its place as one of the world’s top 100 most popular sites. That was back in 2009, and since then the site has hovered in the top 200 in terms of visitors. Chances are good you’ve paid them a visit before and enjoyed one of the tens of thousands of free videos available for your fapping pleasure. If it’s your first time, get ready for a fantastically huge collection of smut of almost any kind.

RedTube is not quite as large as some of its competitors, in terms of the sheer number of videos, but there’s a point where it doesn’t matter. Whether it’s 200,000 or a million scenes to watch, you’re never going to get through them all. Quality is more important, and they’ve done a good job here of limiting their additions to the good stuff that fuels potent stroke fantasies. You can hit up the categories section for a general overview of what the site has or check out the tags page to get really specific with your lusty desires. Feel free to use the search function to get around too.

Pro porn is most common here, with plenty of beautiful pornstars doing their dirty business in the name of making you cum. There’s a nice smattering of amateur and homemade content too, but other tube sites do it better.

Review Pros

  • HD videos
  • Daily updates
  • Good variety

Review Cons

  • Mostly pro content
  • Needs more HD