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3D Sex Villa


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Do you think you could keep yourself occupied with more than 800 sex games? That’s what 3D SexVilla s offers and with at least one new game per week the site continues to grow. You won’t be putting 100 hours into one of these, but you could easily spend far more than 100 hours as you work your way through the collection.

Browsing the games is a fairly simple process, though with so many to choose from it would have been nice to have more options. You can browse by date added, rating, or by one of four categories: adventure, puzzle, dress-up, and cartoon. The top rated game is called Re: Maid and features the player attempting to get two girls to have sex with him, essentially. It’s quite a lot of fun and provides a quick, naughty thrill.

The quality of the games varies widely. Sometimes they’re a quick thrill, sometimes it’s clear more effort has been put into their creation. I love that for many of the games they offer a video version of a playthrough, just in case you want to skip actually working your way through the game and just enjoy the naughty fun of cartoon sex. There are games with multiple millions of views, so they’re clearly doing something right here.

Review Pros

  • 800+ games
  • Variety
  • Videos of playthroughs

Review Cons

  • Quality varies
  • Some games wouldn’t load