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When one porn tube site doesn’t get it done for you it’s time to turn to an XXX tube search like Mr. Stiff, which gives you access to videos from dozens, if not hundreds, of sites across the web. You can search for literally anything and you’re almost guaranteed to find it (a search for “catfight” comes back with more than 10,000 results, for instance). The search results are displayed in a clear manner with a nice big thumbnail from the video (that’s almost always relevant to the search term, by the way), the video’s title, and a list of tags along with the date of publication, length, and the site it was found on. I like that it’s so easy to navigate the results and find your way to the smut you crave, though I wish you could display more than 10 per page.

Clicking on a video opens a new window and takes you to the site so you can instantly start streaming. The site is blissfully free of irritating ads (they have some ads; they need to pay the bills, after all) and you can add any clip you’d like to your favorites list once you’ve signed up for a free account. You’re free to leave comments on your fave films too. If you’re not feeling inspired then you can browse a list of the most popular searches (sex, femdom, arab, and diaper currently sit at the top of the list), check out the most popular pornstars, and view the highest rated movies.

Review Pros

  • Minimalist design
  • Accurate results
  • Search by length

Review Cons

  • 10 results per page

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