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MNF Club

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How does the idea of getting laid anytime you want sound? In a way, MNF Club promises that and very much delivers on it. It’s a massively multiplayer online virtual sex game where you can roam around a virtual world, meet people, and have lots of sex. The game is built around social interaction and toon fucking and they’ve done a pretty good job of building a world and, even more importantly, making it easy to connect and hook up.

The game is probably best categorized as freemium, where you can technically play without paying for anything but you’re not going to have an optimal experience unless you invest some money. However, MNF Club does offer you the opportunity to play minigames and earn in game cash you can spend on premium items. One such game is Glory Hole Frenzy, where you help a character named Pamela Andrews satisfies dicks at a gloryhole and earn points for doing so.

The game features an impressive number of locations and as a player you’re free to roam around as you see fit. Unlike other virtual sex MMOs, it’s easy to get laid as long as you have a little cash because you can always head to a brothel and fuck one of the characters working there to earn money. You’re also welcome to prostitute yourself to earn money that can be spent on costumes, new sex positions, and a pet penis that you can use to fuck people (yup, that’s a thing in this game).

Review Pros

  • Well-realized world
  • Lots of sex
  • Some free features

Review Cons

  • Freemium model
  • Can get expensive