Lesson Of Passion Review

Lesson Of Passion

Sure, the name Lesson of Passion doesn’t immediately conjure in your mind an image of a site filled with high quality sex games, but that’s precisely what they’ve put together for you and it’s genuinely impressive. They currently have 64 free games to play, all of which load in your browser for a quick and easy experience. What I found most impressive was that these are full-featured, enjoyable and erotic games that almost all feature exceptionally hot graphics and well-crafted toon babes to fuck.

An impressive number of people have found and fallen for Lesson of Passion, as most games have several hundred thousand playthroughs, if not into the millions. There are lots of comments for each, including hints that will help you get through any difficult parts. In general the games are entertaining and the sex is good, which is really all you can ask for from a free game.

It seems as though the site exists to promote LOPGold, which is their pay site where you can play bigger, better games. For $20/month you get access to games that they’ve clearly spent more time and money developing, and considering the cost of making an adult game it’s not surprising they’ve gone this route. You get genuine enjoyment and naughtiness for free, so there’s no reason to shy away from a visit.

Review Pros

  • Free games
  • High quality graphics
  • Great sex

Review Cons

  • Small game selection
  • Some paid games