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The great thing about the explosion in popularity of tube porn sites is that you can get really specific. Lesbian8 is a great example of this as they’ve built their site entirely around girl on girl porn (with the occasional threesome that features girls fooling around before the guy joins) and they still have tens of thousands of scenes to choose from. There are 9,500 Asian lesbian videos here, for example, and that’s just a small part of the overall collection they’ve built.

Not surprisingly, pink is the primary color they’ve chosen for their design and it works. The site is built on a simple template, but they really don’t need it to be complicated since they’re all about delivering pure porn pleasure. Despite being nothing but lesbo porn there are quite a few categories to choose from; we all have our particular desires, don’t we? I can’t help but love the sight of girls kissing, for example, and was thrilled to find 2,400 videos with ladies making out erotically.

I was expecting the site to be built on embedded videos, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. It’s all loading off their servers, which means the videos are going to stick around and this collection will continue to get bigger and better. I’m pretty well enamored with all these hot lesbian babes, to be honest, and I suspect you will be too if you’re into girls getting frisky with other beautiful girls. There’s a pornstar list, but when I looked there were no videos on any of the pornstar pages, making it completely useless.

Review Pros

  • Lots of lesbian porn
  • Many categories
  • Hot kissing girls

Review Cons

  • Pornstar list is useless