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JList calls itself “your friend in Japan” and want to be the shop you use when you’re trying to get your hands on all the wonderful products from that most wonderful of Asian countries. It’s not just a sex shop, either, as they have a little of everything. In the snacks and food section you’ll find Japanese junk food and snacks, gum, chocolates, cookies, and more. You can pick up all kinds of weird and wonderful toys, and find magazines from all over Japan to satisfy your curiosity.

You’re here looking for a sex shop review though, so let’s dig into that part of the site. The cosplay section drew my attention first and there are lots of low-priced, arousing outfits to be enjoyed, most of which you’ll recognize from Japanese porn if you’re a fan. They have a good selection of the naughty fashion from Japan too (like the recently popular Virgin Killer sweater).

Visit the Adult Corner and you get into the real sexy stuff. There are toys for men, including wonderful Tenga Eggs that are meant for male pleasure and do a damn good job of getting me off (seriously, try those out). There are lovely Japanese sex lotions that do an amazing job of lubing and arousing and plenty of manga to order. I can’t think of a better source for all the Japanese pleasure tools you might want, from outfits and lingerie to toys and hentai/manga action.

Review Pros

  • Unique items
  • Low prices
  • Many new products

Review Cons

  • Slow server