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Intimate Gadgets

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Technology is always advancing, and that includes in the realm of masturbation. For instance, there are 14 categories of vibrators at Intimate Gadgets, a well-stocked online store filled with sex toys of all kinds. Can you imagine that? 14 different kinds of vibrators, all meant to make a woman have a spectacular orgasm. It’s easier than ever to find the kind of sexual pleasure that gets you off. The same goes for men, by the way. They’ve got a whole section dedicated to pocket pussies along with masturbation toys meant to feel like anal sex, blowjobs, and vaginal penetration. Plus, you can buy replica pussies and assholes for many of your favorite pornstars.

Because Intimate Gadgets cares about your privacy they ship all their items in simple, discreet packaging with no revealing labels. The same goes for your credit card bill. A quick look will reveal nothing about where your item was purchased from. You can return items if they’re dead on arrival, unopened, or if you were shipped the incorrect item. Like most sex toy stores, they’re not going to take back something that you’ve used because they can’t restock it. Shipping is reasonably priced and they offer free tracking numbers on anything over $15. It’s worth noting that they specialize in international brands here so you may find toys and devices that you won’t come upon anywhere else.

Review Pros

  • Unique items
  • Lots of vibrators
  • Good prices

Review Cons

  • Limited returns