Indian GF Videos Review

Indian GF Videos

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Of all the types of ethnic smut on the web, I’d say Indian porn is among the most difficult to find. It’s a cultural thing, I think, but the important thing here is that Indian GF Videos is stocked with more than 500 videos and a small selection of picture galleries to make your wet dreams a reality. Even better, it’s all genuine homemade content, which is actually pretty rare. They’ve done a good job of sourcing their filth, though they really should have made an effort to give us higher quality videos.

For the most part, the best video quality you’re going to see on this site is 800x600 and most are in the 640x480 or 480x360 realm. If you’re not familiar with those numbers, that’s not good. It’s a far cry from HD video, that’s for sure, and it doesn’t make a ton of sense since most homemade porn is filmed with cell phone cameras and those all output HD these days. You can stream or download the videos and they’ve kept a solid update schedule of at least a few new content sets a week. There’s roughly 75 picture galleries too, though most of the photos are so low resolution I had a hard time appreciating them. Outside of satisfying your lust for Desi porn videos, the best reason to join is to get access to the bonus network of sites, each of which features amateur porn in a variety of categories.

Review Pros

  • Genuine homemade porn
  • Real Indian girls
  • Bonus network

Review Cons

  • Low quality
  • No HD videos