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Whether you’re in the target market or not, there’s a massive demand for video game porn. It’s incredible. People want to see their favorite game characters get fucked and they want to play games where they get to bang hard. What FreeGamesExposed does is marry those two experiences as they put you inside reasonable facsimiles of some of your favorite games and let you get your fuck on. Grand Fuck Auto is their most popular title, and like the name suggests it puts you in a glossy world that feels similar to GTA5 and lets you do some good banging of hot ladies.

There’s a long history of parody porn, where the adult industry creates content built around a pre-existing property and garners lots of attention and money for amusing and arousing people. FreeGamesExposed is doing the same thing with sex games. They’ve got Call of Booty, Guido Brothers, Batballs: Hard Knight Rises, and Adult Mutant Ninja Turtles among other things. The games are technically free, but you’ll need to give a credit card number for age verification purposes and they will try to sell you on upgrades, etc, so they can actually make some money. These are not full-fledged, open world sex games, of course. GTA5 cost an insane amount of money to develop and FreeGamesExposed does not have that same budget. They’ve done a good job with what they have though and you’re going to have a good time.

Review Pros

  • Multiple games
  • Free to play
  • Great graphics

Review Cons

  • Short games
  • Upsells