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In 2005, most of us weren’t thinking about the cloud and that our important data would one day be stored there. File Factory was thinking about it though as they opened their file sharing service to the public. 12 years and counting later they’re still going strong. In fact, they’re one of the leaders in the file sharing business and if you’re looking for a good solution it’s well worth checking them out.

Unlimited is what they’re all about here. They say they’ve offered unlimited file bandwidth since they launched in 2005 (I’m going to assume that’s true) and they’re continuing today. They support almost any file type and format and you can upload as much as you like. Even if you’ve signed up for a free account they’ll keep your files around forever as long as someone downloads them once every 30 days.

Things get better when you’re a premium member, though that should come as no surprise. You get unlimited downloads and generally the speeds are excellent (this can vary depending on where you are in the world). You can even use a download manager to queue up a bunch of files when you’re a premium member. They’ll also keep your files forever (as long as you’re a premium member, of course) and you won’t experience any popup ads on the site. Plus, you can make money when people download your files if you’ve paid for premium. If you go monthly it’s $13 but you get a discount if you sign up for multiple months at a time.

Review Pros

  • Unlimited downloads
  • Unlimited storage
  • Good price

Review Cons

  • Limits on free accounts