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Imagine joining a site like Easy Sex and finding a neighbor’s or coworker’s profile. Wouldn’t that be amazing? It hasn’t happened for me yet, but I’ve certainly had no trouble locating ladies that are interested in having some filthy fun. The site is well-designed – though it doesn’t look nearly as good as the free tour area would have you believe – and fairly easy to use. You simply search for guys, girls, trans people, or couples in your area and the results come your way. Check out pictures and profiles and then send messages to the people you’re most interested in. Like almost every sex dating site they use “fake” profiles to introduce you to the idea of messaging and emailing and that’s definitely annoying, but there are real girls here (and of course there are tons of guys looking to get laid).

Sadly, I’ve not had any luck finding a couple that wants to play (if I was a lady I’d be able to hook up with couples constantly) but there have been a few naughty dates with surprisingly randy and limber girls that clearly like the idea of showing off how sexual they can be. I committed to a three month membership up front, but if you’re not sure of your long term prospects on the site I would try out a one month membership. If you go for the higher level membership your profile will be featured higher in listings. It’s not a bad bonus, though I’m not sure it’s actually worth it.

Review Pros

  • Hot girls to fuck
  • Messaging is easy
  • Easy hookups

Review Cons

  • Fake profiles
  • Hard to fuck couples