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Cougar Crush

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It wasn’t all that long ago that the word cougar didn’t have a sexual connotation. At some point over the past handful of decades that changed though, and now we think of a sexually aggressive older woman when that word gets dropped. It’s mostly lost any negative meaning, too, and is now a badge of honor for these lovely ladies that want to get laid and have fun doing it. That’s why a site like Cougar Crush exists. They draw in these desperate older women and offer them up a bevy of guys to choose from. Do you want to be one of those guys?

Though you can sign up for free, as with any other adult dating site you need to pay to be able to browse profiles and contact anyone. That’s fine. They have a rather large database of available men and women, which makes it easy to quickly get in touch with someone and start working on setting up a date. If you like someone you can set up a real time chat on the site or you’re free to exchange Skype or phone information (always go with Skype if you have the choice).

Cougar Crush can be more than a place to find a fuck buddy too. You can browse the amateur porn uploaded by members, read blog posts that go in depth on the sexual adventures people have had, and much more.

Review Pros

  • Amateur porn inside
  • Big membership
  • Chat with dates

Review Cons

  • Expensive
  • Lot of competition