Chat House 3D Review

Chat House 3D

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Big fans of sex games are probably familiar with thriXXX, the company behind the exceedingly popular 3D SexVilla2 and Chathouse 3D, the subject of this review. Their previous efforts have all been single player experiences, but with this most recent release they wanted to get into the world of MMOVSGs, or massively multiplayer online virtual sex games. It’s simple to sign up and download your copy of the game and they’re genuine when they promise no spyware or adware. Once you’re inside you can get started immediately.

You’re free to take as long as you like building your character. You can carefully customize the size of your penis or breasts, or you can do it quickly and get to the action. The game is set in your house and you’re free to walk around all you like. The social interaction happens in chat rooms, as opposed to a larger world where you go from house to house or place to place. This was likely done to save resources and for the most part it works fine. Once you connect with someone you can invite them to your house and the sexy fun begins.

The basic game is free, but you’ll have to pony up and pay if you want to unlock uncensored sex, if you want to buy new outfits, and for almost any other gameplay addition. That’s how they make their money, after all. The game looks good, the animation is top notch, and the allure of having virtual sex with a real person is incredibly strong.

Review Pros

  • Free base game
  • Great animation
  • Real people to fuck

Review Cons

  • Can get expensive
  • Limited environment