Amateurs Gone Wild Review

Amateurs Gone Wild

Busy is the best way I can think of to describe Amateurs Gone Wild. It’s a little bit distracting, to be honest, and it doesn’t take long to realize that they’re working really hard to get you to leave the site and visit one of their link partners and sponsors. When you first visit you actually have to scroll to see any of the free amateur porn they’re offering. At the top of the page they have lots of links to other sites along with a few ads. Then there’s a huge block of text describing the picture galleries that you’ll see if you scroll down a little more. Below that you’ll find four free amateur porn videos and then it’s more links and more text. The pattern repeats over and over and it’s quite a bit of work just to get access to fairly limited amateur content.

The picture galleries are my favorite part of Amateurs Gone Wild. Some are rather small, but for the most part everything I browsed features genuine homemade pics, including some naughty stuff like girls getting fucked up the butt, big facials, and naughty close ups. There are compilation galleries – I like the anal compilation quite a bit – and shoots with a single model slutting it up. The video player requires you to hit play each time you fast forward, which is an odd choice, but otherwise it gets the job done, though I do wish they had more videos.

Review Pros

  • Great picture galleries
  • Real amateur porn
  • Daily updates

Review Cons

  • Too many ads
  • Lots of outbound links