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If you’re willing to pay for a virtual sex game you should put 3DX Chat at the top of your list. They charge a monthly fee, like many non-adult MMOs, and for that fee you get full access to the world and can do as you please. When you get inside you’re free to craft your character as you see fit. You’re given two apartments to decorate and hang out in and you can venture to any of the public locations to meet people, socialize, and hook up.

The beach and the nightclub are where you go to hang out and meet people. People tend not to get naked and naughty there, so if you’re just starting out and not sure how you want to proceed yet, they’re good places to start. If you want to get right down to the hardcore action you can visit the Sin Club, Love Island, or the yacht. There you’ll find virtual characters fucking in public, naughty foreplay, dancing and kissing, and much more. If you can’t find someone to partner up with you can simply play the voyeur, or you can head back to your apartment and use one of the bots the game provides to have some fun.

There’s a virtual in game currency, but at the moment it’s used mostly to give virtual gifts that are largely useless. You can buy or earn the currency, but I can’t imagine why you’d bother with it. Perhaps they’re developing features around it or will allow in game prostitution at some point.

Review Pros

  • Gorgeous game
  • Good virtual sex
  • VR compatible

Review Cons

  • Navigation issues
  • Needs more users