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VR Fuck Dolls doesn’t really have a lot of VR sex going on in it. It probably doesn’t really have that much going for it in the way of gameplay either. This is because this is a game which is just about submission. Don’t get me wrong, you are probably going to be getting a good couple of hours of gameplay out of it. However, since you only really have the ability to play as a man, this will not be the game where you are going to be living out your deepest and darkest fantasies where you will be a woman taking full control of the situation. It is a great shame.

The graphics are in 3D, but I can’t say that they are going to be the most realistic graphics in the world for you to see. They probably are going to get you turned on, though. The company has put a shit ton of effort into making this game look as brilliant as it possibly can be. However, as I said, it plays the same as the vast majority of porn games that you find online. You are really only going to be playing this for the art style.

However, you can probably forgive the fact that VR Fuck Dolls does not have a whole lot of game play going on, simply because it is free to play. As I said; you probably are going to be getting a few hours out of the game, so this is not going to be that much of an issue. It is probably worth bearing in mind that this is a game that is only about submissive role play, so if you are not into that sort of thing, then I doubt that VR Dolls is really going to be the right game for you to play. Thankfully, there are others you can check out.

Review Pros

  • You will cum fast
  • Addictive Gameplay

Review Cons

  • Nothing.