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Red Tube Latina

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Do you think you could make do with nearly 10,000 Latina porn videos? Red Tube is betting you can and I can’t imagine you’d need more than that to get your wank on. By default the clips are sorted by date added, but you can view them by rating, number of views, and length if you’d like. The clip currently sitting at the top of the viewed list stars a big ass Brazilian girl that deepthroats her man and gets fucked in a whole bunch of positions. It’s been enjoyed nearly 25 million times so far and maybe you’ll be the next person to stroke to it.

Over time Red Tube has added more and more high definition Latina porn and they have a little graphic that denotes when a scene is HD. They tend to be the most popular clips because they look so good, though I wish there was an easier way to just list the HD scenes and skip over the SD stuff. It’d be nice if there was an easy way to filter amateur content too.

I like that Red Tube has taken the needs of their users into consideration in the site design. With the click of a button you can add any video to your favorites list and if you’re a member you can download all of them. Commenting is easy and the related videos tab is always a good source of extra smut in the category you crave.

Review Pros

  • Plenty of videos
  • Many HD scenes
  • Community features

Review Cons

  • Needs more amateurs
  • Can’t separate HD vids