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Keep 2 Share is so serious about proving their site is easy to use that the first thing you’ll see when you visit is the box to drag and drop your files into. Without signing up you can upload a file up to 5GB and they’ll store it for you. It’s genuinely easy to do and sharing the link to be downloaded is super simple too. As they say, they’re all about “trouble-free file sharing” and I believe them. Signing up for a free membership is simple as you can do it through Facebook or Google+ or give them your email address and you’ll have an account. When you’re certain that Keep 2 Share is the file sharing service for you, you can sign up for a premium account and get the full benefits.

One of those benefits is the ability to make money. If you’re going to be uploading porn, for instance, you can make a little something every time someone downloads it. That’s quite nice. You can also download lots of porn as plenty of sites use this service to host their files. It seems like everyone enjoys simplicity when it comes to file sharing. Their premium service offers 20GB of transfer a day as well as resumable and simultaneous downloads and starts at $7.50/month. If you upgrade to premium pro ($9.25/month) you get all that plus a slew of other features, including 50GB a day, virus checks for all files, anonymous downloads, and more storage. Both are good options, so you have to decide what works for you.

Review Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Make money with uploads
  • Cheap

Review Cons

  • Download limits