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I really like the idea that I can upload a 10GB file to Data File with a free account. I don’t think I have a file that large on my computer, but it’s cool to know that they’re so much more generous with storage space than any other file host. If you’re a premium member they let you upload 30GB files. That must be a hell of a video file. Perhaps a siterip or something along those lines. Either way, that would take some serious bandwidth to download in a reasonable period of time, but Data File is ready to handle whatever you can throw at them. Keep in mind that the download speeds for free members are purposefully limited so you’ll pay for a premium account, which is how the business model works on every site of this kind.

Premium memberships start at $14.99 for 30 days and include 1 TB of bandwidth and 3 TB of storage. Can you imagine uploading that much stuff to a file host? Damn! There are lots of payment options, including Bitcoin, so just about anyone should be able to buy an account. The longer you sign up for the better the deal gets. You get more bandwidth and a lower price, so if you feel like you’re going to use the service for a good period of time you might as well go for six months (that’s right where the discount gets considerable and feels a lot more worthwhile).

Review Pros

  • Store huge files
  • Speedy downloads
  • Premium is ad free

Review Cons

  • Download limits
  • Free speeds are very slow