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Porn search engine BoodiGo was founded by a group of experienced men and women from the adult industry and their mission is to provide you with a safe, private, streamlined way to get great results for exactly the kind of porn you crave. They filter out sites that serve up malware and viruses and sites that trade in pirated porn. Most importantly, they don’t use cookies or collect data of any form on you, their users. All they’re interested in is being the best porn search online.

Drop by and you’ll see the decidedly minimalist design and the old school-style search results that cut out the annoying frills and overwhelming ads in favor of serving you the porn you’re looking for. At BoodiGo you can search the web, Tumblr, Blogspot, and Clips4Sale, and I’m especially thankful for the last three options on that list. Tumblr’s search function is terrible and most other search sites are bad about indexing most Tumble blogs because they’re loaded with duplicate content. It’s a great source of porn though and this is the best way to search it. Being able to intuitively and simply search through Blogspot and Clips4Sale, both sources of incredible porn, is exceedingly useful too.

If you’re a webmaster it’s easy to submit your site to BoodiGo and they’re up front about what they look for so you’ll know exactly how to get good rankings. The site is constantly under development so it’s bound to get better in the future.

Review Pros

  • True anonymous search
  • Tumblr search
  • Easy submission

Review Cons

  • Ad results not marked
  • Some results suck

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