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Quick, what does the word “babe” conjure in your mind? Chances are good that whatever or whoever you’re seeing right now can be found at Babepedia, a hottie-focused gallery site with plenty of ways to enjoy the ladies you lust after. It’s immediately clear they put their efforts towards showing off centerfolds and glamour girls and that’s something I can get behind. A quick look at the 10 most viewed girls on the site reveals that they’re almost all of that variety, and of course they’re all stunningly hot and look totally breathtaking in their picture galleries.

If you’re like me you’ll love the lists page where you can explore your particular desires. They have a simple A-Z list of all the pornstars and centerfolds (there are thousands to choose from) they’ve catalogued over the years and you can search for a specific babe if you like. What I find even more exciting is the various top 100 lists they’ve put together. These include top brunettes, top girls with fake tits, top redheads, top blue-eyed girls, and so many more. All the top lists include thumbnails so there’s no guessing as to what you’re about to see.

On each model’s page there’s a quick profile (height, weight, age, etc), a short biography, and the tasty links you crave. There are galleries hosted at Babepedia along with outside links so you never run out of content. I’m amazed and delighted that they make sure every girl looks her most flawless and glamorous in each link.

Review Pros

  • All glamour girls
  • Tons of content
  • Great lists

Review Cons

  • Little video content
  • Some ads annoy

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