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Amateur Dumper

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I gotta admit, I’m not thrilled with the name Amateur Dumper. I mean, that conjures up some pretty unpleasant imagery, but if you forget all about that and just pay the site a visit you’ll find tens of thousands of free porn videos ready to be watched. I’d say the site has an amateur theme, but it might be more like beginner porn. After all, on each page of videos I see plenty of pornstars and models that I’m familiar with along with newbies and the occasional webcam girl.

I like that they’ve managed to maintain a solid theme though. You could call it novice porn. Even the pro stuff is the type that’s made to look like homemade porn. I’d say you’ll have a satisfying amateur experience here, and it might be even better than that because plenty of real homemade porn is actually pretty terrible.

Of everything I’ve seen here I have a soft spot for the videos where a guy finds a pretty Eastern European girl and offers her cash to suck his dick and get fucked in public. Those genuinely never get old for me. There are some good scenes where a guy sells his girlfriend’s pussy to a friend to make rent. Those are always fun. There are car blowjobs and sex tapes and a whole lot more too and all of it is free and updated daily.

Review Pros

  • Amateur style porn
  • Big collection
  • Young hotties

Review Cons

  • Little homemade porn
  • Search function sucks