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Ama Bitch

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Honestly, I’m a little bit in love with Ama Bitch. There are lots of sites that claim to offer free amateur pictures, but they’re actually doing it and they’re doing it well. They add three updates per day, each featuring somewhere between 25-100 pictures, generally, and each update is of a different amateur girl. It’s not some messy mish mash of a bunch of girls taking slutty selfies. You get a whole gallery of a very naughty girl making homemade porn pictures, often getting into some seriously filthy fun. This is actually a fairly unique thing and for people that love amateur pics it’s a must see.

It’s not all perfect, of course. For one, the images are hosted off site. They use free image hosts, but that also means they don’t have control over the pictures. The host could delete them at any time, and most of those hosts run bunches of ads, some of them predatory. That means you can’t count on the pictures sticking around for long. They also skim a certain percentage of your clicks and send them to their traffic partners. That means sometimes you’ll click a thumbnail but instead of being taken to the picture you’re taken to another site or an advertiser. It can be a little frustrating, but it’s also how sites like this work, so you have to take the good with the bad.

Review Pros

  • Free amateur pic sets
  • Three updates a day

Review Cons

  • Click skimming
  • Images hosted offsite

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