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8th Street Latinas


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Way, way back in 2002 we were treated to the birth of 8th Street Latinas, a terrific reality porn site that’s still going strong 15 years later. They continue to pump out a new update once a week, adding to a collection that already offers more than 700 scenes (and that’s not counting the huge network of bonus content). They’ve been putting out 1080p HD content for years now, but the further you go back in the archives the lower quality the video gets (it never gets terrible, thankfully). Each update comes with a sexy picture gallery too.

True to its reality porn roots, 8th Street Latinas continues in that tradition by offering up a fun premise for each scene. They don’t put a ton of work into it because they really don’t need to, but there are plenty of nifty ways the videos unfold. I’m especially fond of when they find the girls in public and coax them into the car to have some fun (road head is a thing here!) before going back home to bang. It appears as though all scenes are filmed in South Florida and it’s a gorgeous place with tons of Latin ladies to bang around with.

They’ve always been great about mixing in Latina porn girls you’re familiar with and newcomers to the business that want to have some fun. Every chick gets banged by a big dick and they’re all limber, slutty, and willing to prove their desire for penetration in any way necessary.

Review Pros

  • 700+ scenes
  • Weekly updates
  • Big bonus network

Review Cons

  • Old scenes lack in quality
  • Daily DL limit

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